July 2017

Why arn't you like most of the other (Email Response)

Todays blog is a response to an email I recently received. I posted it here because I think some of you are asking the same question

I appreciate criticism & I don’t take it personally at all. I purposely did this video like I did and gave full disclosure about my six hours of experience with it with a purpose. Most of my audience are new guys to the hobby and like me come from a non technical background. I learn by doing. I’d never given DMR much thought in the past because it’s almost non existent here in the land of pave paws. Our one guru quit playing with it due to lack of interest in this area. The idea of a dmr / analog dual band HT was appealing to me because It can be used as a regular HT on local repeaters. Now I gotta tell you Don is an engineer and works with Kenwood very closely so yeah, he is much more knowledgeable than I am. As far as the D-Star information included in the transmission packet, That is done entirely peer to peer. The trust only sees the subscriber number on the back end and either allows the packet across the network or kicks it if theres no registration associated. Thats why I can change any of the displayed information at will and transmit it instantly from repeater to hotspot visa versa or in any combination. Honestly, I don’t really care how it works it just does work and thats what us regular guys care about.

I do dig into a lot of deeper ham radio subjects because I’m interested. That doesn’t necessarily translate into an entertaining video. My main focus in video making is producing an entertaining show above all else. Each week I make a conscious decision on how the show is going to look and feel. My audience has come to expect a fast paced show that wets the appetite for more knowledge and other creators on youtube. As I stated before, I’m not a technical type, I don’t pretend to be an expert in ham radio and frankly I choose not to make the same videos as the other guys here on youtube. Maybe thats why My videos generally get 60% to 70% more views in the first week than most other ham radio channels. I made my own way, use my own formula and alway remember that I’m a video creator first. It not for everyone & I know that.

What I will tell you though is, I have received thousand of emails and comments from guys who decided to get into the hobby or get back into the hobby based in part from my videos using humor and better production values than 90% of the others out there. My hope is the other guys evolve their film making skills and we get a whole bunch of well thought out entertaining videos that also give guys like you the detail your looking for. Hope that answers your comment. Now I would like to know more about how to do more with DMR as so far it seems a lot like D-star for me at least on my hotspot.

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On Jul 1, 2017, at 14:22 PM, Dick Linder <wb7ond@yahoo.com> wrote:
Most folks do not take criticism too easily, and sure as certain not in a public venue. Hence he email.
I watched your video on the TYT, I own the single UHF band, I have been using DMR 2 years, using d-Star since Dayton. We both like and own the Kenwood Ht

But I gotta tell you Bob when I am looking for a new radio, Sometimes, I want a guy that who knows something about the radio, the "out of the box" "no instruction manual" only goes so far. Example, "the radio only displays the DMR", number, that CCS7 database number is also used for D-star when setting up almost any of the hotspots, I wanted to remind you that D-Star has to download its database in the Kenwood and Icom to find the closes repeater, and it uses and, for Chinese expensive "mode" GPS to do that search. The DMR will find the guys name and call if the contacts are installed right along with the freq data same software.

You have to realize some of your audience does not need the "is it easy to work" review, but a Don W6GPS methodology, where he knows the product. The "just out of the box" experience is perishable, for me it lasts less than an hour, (Kenwood, well, a week and counting) .

Oh one more item, when I am driving around the "east coast" on DMR, a lot of guys in their states and "monitoring ALL talkgroups". When I pickup the mike and announce about 7 states will hear that, with an easy code-plug download. Or I can go to local, or I can go to "my machine" You "your machine" release the PRN... I can hit the Dillon SC machine from the home station. Don't want to come off as a DMR fanboy, just wanted to give you some review, while I was watching something I already knew about.

I watch some of your videos, they have great ideas, but I thought I'd give you a review bit more than your typical ass-kiss. I love your conservative views by the way, trapped in the Peoples Republic of California run by moonbeam, that kills me...


I am sure as you review these hotspots, DMR, D-Star, these guys that use them successfully, are "smarter than the average" bear.